CONSPIRATORS: Edward de Vere and Edmund Spenser on: Thomas Phelippes, the Code Master

From the standpoint of codes as support for plaintext content, the few plaintexts analyzed thus far are clearly in the category of “in your face”.  Thomas Phelippes, likely cryptographer colleague of Edward de Vere and others, goes historically unchallenged as the composer of arguably the most notorious of forgeries in the political history of Western civilization.  The plaintexts below, in all likelihood, were written more as an indictment of Phelippes than signature letter-strings representing Vere as Shakespeare.  To me, they are testimony from an insider (Oxford) forced to remain as silent about the workings of Crown ‘black ops’ as well as the deafening silence of Vere as the true poet and playwright behind the collective name of “Shakespeare”.  

Here are a few of the thus-far uncovered arrays involving damning proof of the banality of  evil as a tool of assassination rather than the use of a sword or poison to murder Mary, Queen of Scots.  The letter-string encryptions present themselves as testimonial messages with a single content, rather than being in an order or presentation.  Many  of the arrays appear to exist independent of each other, a redundancy meant to ensure future decoding would not miss the testimony; and that if one message is over-looked, decryption methods would find others.    

Edward de Vere:  On Thomas Phelippes

Winter's Tale, TOM HID NAME accusationFig. 1   

Winter's Tale, TOM HID NAMEFig. 2

                  Go to Edmund Spenser and The Faerie Queene:     Spear JPEG right



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