ACT ONE: Collaboration, Correspondence or Both: between Oxford and Elizabeth I

Read The Prologue first by clicking HERE.   

Act One, Scene 1: Romeo and Juliet (1597), Act 1, #1Fig. 1 Romeo and Juliet (1597), 1.1, VAERE PEN, #2Fig. 2         The Danish spelling for the House of VERE. Romeo and Juliet (1597), 1.1, #3Fig. 3       Act One, Scene 2: Romeo and Juliet (1597), 1.2., VERE writtenFig. 4 Romeo and Juliet, 1.2., Name, Ed VERE, I, E.O., hidFig. 5 Romeo and Juliet, 1.2., Earl HENRIEFig. 6 Romeo and Juliet, 1.2., I, E. VERE:VEREFig. 7

   Above are all the arrays I found (worthy of mention) in scenes 1 and 2.  What I find interesting is the signature 17 observations I found in all the Sonnets (1 – 154).  Click HERE for a review).

The last two lines in Act One, Scene One are:

Ah she is rich in beautie, only poore,

That when she dies with beautie dies her store.

The last two lines of Act One, Scene 2 are:

  Ile goe along no such sight to be showne

But to reioyce in splendor of mine owne.

Both sets of lines are spoken by Romeo.  Both sets have 17 words.  This appears to me to be a deliberate support (reinforcement) of the VERE letter-strings in the plaintexts cited in scenes 1 and 2 above, as Edward de Vere was the 17th Earle of Oxenforde.  



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