Shx Monument Plaque, plaintextFig. 1a

Shakespeare's Monument, Holy Trinity ChurchFig. 1b

   Written on a placque beneath the monument carving of a bust of Shakespeare is the above inscription.  The first two lines are written in Latin, and translate to the English:  “A Pylian in judgement, a Socrates in genius, a Maro in art.  The earth buries him, the people mourn him, Olympus posses him.”

S.Passenger, torturing pltxt, E.C.O. leaves HID, #1Fig. 2

Stay Passenger, torturing the plaintext, TEST name, leaves, #2a

St. Passenger, comment for TEST this monument, #2bFigs.  3a, 3b

Stay Passenger, ERLE E.C.O., #3Fig. 4

Stay Passenger, I, E.O. HID, #4Fig. 5

Stay Passenger, Torturing the Plaintext, SWAN, E. VER, #5a

Stay Passenger, ligatures, use with SWAN, #5b

Figs.  6a, 6b

III. III. MMXIV       


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