ACT 2, Scene 1, SCENE 2 (Part 1): “VERE: I’m HAMLET’S transformation. The inward man resembles the ward name of Vere, here in our Court.”



Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 2.1., VERE verseFig. 1a:  IX. X. MMXIV

Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 2.2., %22VEEREDHID%22, his inke, table, booke, STUNNING, #1A useFig. 1b   (Sept. 14, 2014)        

Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 2.2., Raw P's for VEEREDHID, #1CFig. 1c 

Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 2.2., Veer, I'm Hamlet's transformation, #2Fig. 2

Hamlet (1623), 2.2., Hamlet, Vere's young dayes, #3Fig. 3

Hamlet (1623), 2.2., Veer, his youth and humour, #4Fig. 4

Hamlet (1623), 2.2., Ed Veer, ward name in our Court, #5Fig. 5

Hamlet (Q1, 1603), Scene 7, Ed Vere, poet, #6Fig. 6

Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 2.2., Ed Veer:reeV, falsely borne, #7Fig. 7  (above, 9.12.14)

IX. XII. MMXIV       


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