ACT 5, Scene 1: Yorick’s Grave: “Veer, a Lawyer himself.” (Grave imagery). “Vere hell.”

Hamlet, the Law and the Gravedigger:

Hamlet and the Gravediggers Scene, 17 law terms  JPEG, 5.1., 1623Fig. 1

Hamlet, 5.1., Q2 (1604), Veer, a lawyer himself. Gravedigger's Scene.Fig. 2

Hamlet, 5.1., (1604) Gravediggers Sceme. Read Veer pen.Fig. 3Hamlet (Q2), 5.1., Yorick's grave, Vere cover here#4Fig. 4

Hamlet (Q2), 5.5., Gravedigger, Veer lyes here#5Fig. 5

Hamlet (Q2), 5.1., Yorick's grave, Vere hell., #6AFig. 6A

Hamlewt (Q2), 5.1., Yorick's grave, list of symmetries, #6BFig. 6B



V. XIV. MMXV       


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