FRONTISPIECES (98): A Midsummer Night’s Dreame

“To sleepe, perchance to dreame, I there’s the rub . . . “

Mid.Summer, Frtsp. 1600, JPEG

                Fig. 1



   The ‘rub’ in Figures 2 and 3:  the serendipitous vertical letter-string of  two “HENRI”s in a frontispiece of  only 240 units (236 letters, 4 numbers), not to speak of the connection, especially in Fig. 2, to “HENRI” as being Shakespeare.  Do the clusters mean to imply “Henri” is the encrypter, the author of  A Midsummer Night’s Dreame, both, or none of these?   The horizontal plaintext “ERL” in Columns 22, 23, 24, Row 4 to the right of the “E” in “HENRI” (Fig. 3), implies support for whom ever the “Henri” is in the encryption carries the title of Erl(e).  The “WH”s above the “1” and “6” in the 1600 date are, of course, the initials of Henry Wriothesley, the Third Earl (“ERL”) of Southampton.

   Is this nothing more than coincidence?   Or, are the arrays the result of intelligent design in the case of Fig. 2, and a clumsy and poor encryption attempt in Fig. 3?  Or am I just dreaming that perhaps this piece of work is really a front for “HENRI”s contribution to the play in question?

   If so, why would William Shakespeare implant in hundreds of letter-strings throughout his entire canon that Edward de Vere is really the author, and somehow he is just going along with an elaborate deception?



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