Romeo and Juliet (1597), Prologue, plaintextFig. 1

Group Theory:  Was Vere the major writer?  Are his signatures within the play’s plaintexts?

Romeo and Juliet (1597), Pro. from VERE, old frends, #1Fig. 2

Is Vere, Romeo, a starrecrost lover”?

Romeo and Juliet (1597), Pro. Lo! VERE HID, #2Fig. 3:          “VERE” is in Array 17.  17 = 17th. Earl of Oxford.

Romeo and Juliet (1597), Pro., VERE, starre-crost lover, #3Fig. 4

Is Henry Wriothesley (the alleged son of Edward de Vere and Elizabeth I) the product, in reallife, of Bess and Edward (“from forth the fatall loynes)“?

Romeo and Juliet (1597), HENRIE, the Prologue, #4Fig. 5





VI. XXIII. MMXIV        


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