Psalm 8: Henry Vere, the Workes of thy hand

Psalm 8 Facs., (H.) VERE, worke of JPEGFig. 1

Psalm 8, Workes of thy hand

Fig. 2

Psalm 8, Vere, Moone, Starre, JPEG

Fig. 3

ARRAY 17.  The second E in VERE is placed in :  1. Array 17  2. Column 17  3. Row 17.

Once again, the identifier/pen name/signature of Edward de Vere as “the” or “a” creator of the encryption.  The critical words are represented thus:  “ED VERE” = Edward de Vere; “the STARRE” = the star representing (standing for) the House of Vere on the Vere crest; the “MOONE” = Elizabeth I.

The Challenge:

Psalm 8, Test H. Vere, JPEG

Fig. 4



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