Leicester’s Commonwealth (1584)

Leicester, Copie of a Leter, Frtsps., 1584, JPEGFig 1

Leicester's Commonwealth, 1584, plaintext, JPEGFig. 2

Leicester's Com., Frtsps., 1584, VERE, SON, JPEGFig. 3

   Is the letter-string “VERE” and the cluster intended to say:  
                  “The Copie of a Leter Written by a master:   Concerning VERE, the son the Erle of Leycester
                                                              (Robert Dudley) conceived.”
   In short:   Is Edward de Vere considered/suspected to be the son of Robert Dudley, the Erle of Leicester by Elizabeth I — at least with regard to the substantive content of the letter?  
Double “vv“s intended to be “w“s changed to “w“s.
The “u” in “graueis intended to be a “v” , here changed to “grave“–and in all “Vere”s presented.
NOTE:  Job, Chapter 20, Verse 17.  



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