ACT 5: VERE REX (“He’s King”): “LET ME SPEAKE (I, VERE, now living)”

Henry 8, 5.4, I, E.O. VERE now living, let me speakeFig. 1

Plaintext (Facsimile) of “The Baptism of Elizabeth I”) speech in Act 5, Scene 4:

Henry 8, 5.4, Let me speake facsimile plaintextFig. 2

First this from Act Five, Scene 2:  Repeating that he, Edward de Vere, is still alive at the time of writing:

Henry 8, 5.2 I VERE live anewFig. 3

Henry 8, 5.4, E.R. Ashe, VERE, he's REXFig. 4

Henry 8, 5.4, BOLEN, Let me speakFig. 5

Henry 8, 5.4, HEVER, %22VEER, I'm now living%22Fig. 6

Henry 8, 5.4, VEER, E.R. HeyreFig. 7

Henry 8, 5.4, VEER, Anne Boleyn's %22grandheir%22Fig. 8

Henry 8, 5.4, PLAY, ERLE, E.R. truths, SHAKEFig. 9

Henry 8, 5.4, I'm WILL, REEVE., by blood, E.R. truthFig. 10


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