Act 5, Scene 3: “I know Ed de Vere LIVES.”

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., Veer verse, FrostFig. 1 Kent’s lines reminds me of Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening: Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy EveningFig. 2  

     Curiously, 5.3. 3296 – 3301, the so -called “bad quarto” version of 1608, is the only line set yielding the array above.  Although there are minor changes in spelling, Quarto 2, 1619 and First Folio, 1623 produce no indication “Vere” or “Veer” are encrypted.  To my thinking, versions of plays (by and large, generally speaking) have been modified so as to eliminate, as much as possible, any coded, encrypted references to Edward de Vere.

   In short, the changes in grammar of all versions of a given play before 1623 –even though these changes appear as grammatical improvements within given previous versions (not just in the present case of King Lear), seem to be a predictable algorithm that goes thusly:  grammatical changes/modifications often = censorship; a purposeful textual changing by those-in-the-know to eliminate Edward de Vere from the equation, and thus perpetuating the fiction “Shakespeare” was a single man in Stratford-upon-Avon, and the single author of the Shakespeare canon.

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., Ed Vere, live, #2Fig. 3

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., VERE HYD, #3Fig. 4

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., VEER, my HID tongue, my %22echo%22 speech, #4Fig. 5  (Figs. 3, 4, 5, August 14, 2014)

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., Test Veer, #5Fig. 6

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., Henry O., my oath, #6Fig. 7

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., Prove I'M HENRY, #7Fig. 8

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., I, Vere (the bastard) speak, #8Fig. 9

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., I'm Ed Veer hand, his word, #9Fig. 10

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., last lines, HYD, de VEER, #10
Fig. 11

King Lear (Q1, 1608), 5.3., %22I know Ed de Vere lives., #11%22Fig. 12




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