BEN JONSON (1572 – 1637)

Inquiry:  Did Ben Jonson insert CODES within any of his plaintexts?:

Ben Jonson, Epigrams, On my First Son, pltxt., JPEG

Fig. 1

Intelligent Design, or Random Occurrence?:

Jonson, Epigram 45, Ben SON, JPEGFig. 2   (May 19, 2013)

   Is the “NOS” (“SON”) a direct statement that Jonson is saying that he and John BENSON are one and the same?

Or this:  

Ben Jonson, Epi. 45, BEN, JPEGFig. 3

Or this:

Ben Jonson, Epigrams, 45, On my First Son, JPEGFig. 4

Is this a reference to Henry (Wriothesley) and/or Edward de Vere?  (Fig. 5 below):

Ben Jonson, Epigrams, On my First Son, JPEGFig. 5

Another version of “On my First Sonne”, with the following word-changes:

Jonson, Versions 1,2, My first son, JPEGBen Jonson, Epigram 45, plaintext JPEGFig. 6  (and/or ):

Ben Jonson, E. 45, CODED, JPEG

Fig. 7:      Remarkable resiliency . . . 

Jonson, Epi. 45, sonne, BEN, SON, JPEGFig. 8

Jonson, Epi. 45, v.#2, sonne, BEN, SON, JPEGFig. 9

Jonson, V.2, Epi. 45, HENRI, SON, JPEGFig. 10

   Two versions of the same Epigram, yet the letter-strings survive.  Is this coincidence, or is someone (or another/others) manipulating the plaintexts so that the ciphertexts remain relatively intact with regard to coded content?  In short, is this random occurrence, or is it the result of intelligent manipulation?


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