Anthony Munday, “The Death of Robert, Earle of Huntington”, Coincidence or Signature Array?

Signature Array or Coincidence?

Munday, Death of Huntington, Array 22, Vere:Veer:Veer:Vere:BessFig. 1

   (1) the plaintext (above, entire text) of Friar Tuck’s dialogue contains 1,166 letters, and forms a perfect array: 22 x 53, and, as such, is a perfectly symmetrical rectangle (coincidence?); (2) array symmetry includes 2 “Vere”s and 2 “Veer”s (coincidence?); (3) the “V” in “Vere” (top of Array 22) is in Row 17 (Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford–coincidence?); (4) the “V” in “Vere” in the top-to-bottom letter-string of the cluster of “Vere”s (bottom left of Array 22: Vere, Veer, Veer), is 17 rows from the bottom (coincidence?; (5) from the “V” in the top-to-bottom diagonal “Veer”, to the “V” in the first “Vere” at the top of the array is 17 rows (coincidence?).

VII. VIII. MMXV        


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