ACT 4: “Erle Vere, Echo hid.”

Double Falshood, Song plaintext, 4.2.Fig. 1

Double Falshood, 4.2., song, %22Echo HID, Erle Vere.%22Fig. 2

   “Echo” is perhaps an identifier, pointing to Edward de Vere’s actual written poetry known as the “Echo Poems”. “Echo” is hidden in the same way Vere’s contribution(s) and identity is hidden within the center of any given plaintext in the “Shakespeare canon”. Furthermore, the plaintext is actually a song. Oxford was known as a highly respected composer and musician. Many of the songs written in both the Shakespeare plays and other poems Vere wrote under various pseudonyms contain letter-strings within their plaintexts. Since Vere wanted anonymity, he encoded his name (signature of authorship) in the lyrics to his songs so as to remain hidden/concealed from the public.

IV. XI. MMXV       


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