ACT 1: “E. de Vere.” “I am indeed Ed Vere.” “AMLETH”.

Julius Caesar, 1.2., E. de Vere#1Fig. 1

J. Caesar, 1623, Raw Pr., #2Fig. 2

Julius Caesar, 1.1., I am indeed Ed Vere, #3Fig. 3

Julius Caesar, 1.2., Vere pen, #4Fig. 4

Julius Caesar, 1.2., Vere speaking, #5Fig. 5

Julius Caesar, 1.2., AMLETH, #6Fig. 6

Julius Caesar, 1.2., Vere, Veer, MDL, #7Fig. 7

Julius Caesar, 1.2., I have veyl'd:hid myself and my good friends, #8Fig. 8

Julius Caesar, 1.2., Ed Vere words, his infirmitie, #9Fig. 9

Click HERE to go to ACT 2:  “I’m Vere.”

VII. V. MMXV       



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