Edmund Spenser: THE FAERIE QUEENE and the MURDER of Mary, Queen of Scots

Many scholars and commentators have observed that Book V, Canto IX of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene is a thinly disguised account of the trial and condemnation of Mary, Queen of Scots.  Letter-strings unmistakably support this contention:  

Faerie Queen, TOM, PEN, seditionFig. 1

Faerie Queene, TOM, traitorous designesFig. 2

Faerie Queene, TOM, cursed plotterFig. 3

Faerie Queene, Tom, his cursed plot

Fig. 4

Faerie Queene, TOM did oft frameFig. 5

Faerie Queene, TOM, titled queen brought to her sad doomFig. 6

Faerie Queene, CODE discoveredFig. 7  

Faerie Queene, Mary, new accusementsFig. 8

And who discovered these “designes (codes)”:

Faerie Queene, VAERE discovered traitorous designesFig. 9









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