TIMON OF ATHENS, the PLAY (Folio 1, 1623; written 1605-1608): “I’m Ed Vere.” (“POX”), “MERSEA”.

   A few of the consistent questions for Oxford as Shakespeare are:  (1) Was Edward de Vere, 17th Earle of Oxenforde, the sole author (or part of a collaborative group of writers with Oxford as the master poet) of Timon of Athens (in this case); and (2) Is it possible Oxford died (either of end-stage syphilis, that is, the POX) or was he murdered or a suicide?; and, (3) if de Vere did not die in 1604, as it is alledged, then did his death take place on Mercea Island, an island long suspected of being the mysterious island of The Tempest, years later?’ and (4) Do the codes (letter-strings and clusters) support these points of view?

Timon, 2.1., I'm ED VERE, #1Fig. 1        

Timon (1605-1608), 5.4., POX, curse, #2Fig. 2

For me, perhaps the most stunning letter-string relating to the death of Edward de Vere:

Timon (1605-1608), 5.4., MERSEA, a plague consume, #3Fig. 3

Timon of Athens (1605-1608), 1.2., VERE lives, I'm HID, #4

Fig. 4        “Im HID.”  Where?  On Mersea?

Timon, 1.2., reeV, Veer lives, #5Fig. 5

Timon (1605-1608), 5.4., Vere, a plague consume, #6Fig. 6

Timon (1605-1608), 4.3.,  Lord Vere here, #7Fig. 7

Timon (1605-1608), 4.3., Ed Vere curse:Vere cursed, #8Fig. 8

Timon (1605-1608), 4.3., Lord Vere, #9Fig. 9

Timon (1605-1608), 5.4., Veer, living, wretched, #10Fig. 10

Timon (1605-1608), 5.1., Vere in owne worke, #11Fig. 11

X. VIII. MMXIV        


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