OTHELLO (1623), ACT 1: “Earle Ed Vere. I, the Moore.” “I professe myself.”

Othello Frts. USE, 1630 JPEGFig. 1

Othello (1623), frps., 1630), Vere verse
Fig. 2

Othello (1623), 1.1.45-71, %22Earle Ed Vere, I, the Moore.%22, #1

Fig. 3

Othello (1623), 1.1., 45-71, %22I, Vere, the Moore.%22, #2Fig. 4

Othello, Act One, Scene i, Ed VERE, 45-71, #3Fig. 5

Othello, Act I.i., EDVERE Raw Ps., #4Fig. 6

Othello, 1623, I.i., VERE HID for certain, JPEGFig. 7

Othello, Act I.i., VERE HID, Lord VERE, 45-71, #7Fig. 8

Othello, Act I.i., OXFORD texte, 45-71, #8Fig. 9

Othello, jealousy, JPEG

Fig. 10

    Ferris©2009:  “Jealousy:  the Greene-ey’d Monster” (Othello:  III.iii. 1781)

( Line 1781Σ = 17 )     (June 29, 2013)

Othello, Act I.i., I'm HENRI, W.H., JPEGFig. 11

Othello, Act I.i., HENRY, farewell, JPEGFig. 12     (July 1, 2013)

Othello, Act I.iii., E. Vere, VERE, I, Ed, JPEGFig. 13




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