Edward III: Act Four

Ed.III, Act Four, iv, Lord Vere, JPEGFig. 1

Ed.III, Act Four, i, VERE, Will S. I AM, JPEGFig. 2

Ed.III, Act Four, iii, HENRY, JPEGFig. 3

Ed.III, Act Four, ii., VAERE, JPEGFig. 4     (June 22, 2013)

Ed.III, Act Four, v, VERE, I'M HID, JPEGFig. 5

Ed.III, Act Four, Scene 5, CODE HID:HID, JPEGFig. 6

Ed.III, Act Four, v, H. VERE, handieworke, JPEGFig. 7                               Note:  There are 17 lines in the Plaintext.

Ed.III, Act Four, vi, HENRI, ECO, heir, JPEGFig. 8

Ed.III, Act Four, vi, HID CODE, WORKES, JPEGFig. 9

Ed.III, Raw Ps., DIHCODE, IV, vi, JPEGFig. 10

Ed.III, Act Four, vii, E. VERE CODE, JPEGFig. 11



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