EARLY POEMS: VENUS AND ADONIS (1592-3), Where it all began

Venus and Adonis, Frtps, 1593, JPEGFig. 1

Venus and Adonis, Frontispiece, 1593, #1Fig. 2

   Before reading the presentation of the poem, Venus and Adonis (1592-3), click HERE  for background reading relating to the year 1576, and the first appearance, in print, of the name the author we know as ‘William Shakespeare’, and why the 1593 date of the publication of  Venus and Adonis  was chosen for the name, William Shakespeare, to appear in print for the first time.  

   Note, furthermore, that the mathematical difference between the two dates is 17.  The 17 figure, from my point of view, is NOT by chance or coincidence, but is by intelligent design.

   I assume the 1576-1593 material has been read.  Click HERE to begin a discussion of the letter-strings and codes found in Venus and Adonis, strongly supporting Edward de Vere, 17th Earle of Oxenforde, is not only the author of the dedication of the latter poem (rather than William Shakespeare, to whom the dedication is attributed), but that Edward de Vere and William Shakespeare are one and the same person.  





XI. IV. MMXIV       


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