RIII, rape, plaintexts for facsimile and modern font, Array 42Fig. 1

Keeping in mind Kat Ashley’s testimony in the last segment, let’s see how many details are found encrypted in a play with a publication date of 1597, details contained in testimony dating to the early part of 1548 (49 years earlier) regarding Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour:

Thus, why does Edward Vere weep?       Array 42

RIII, Bess RAPE #1Fig. 1

RIII, BESS weepes, distrest, #2Fig. 2

RIII, TOM S.(eymour) did RAPE me, #3Fig. 3

RIII, rape, parcelled (cut, torn) BED ROBE, #4Fig. 4

RIII, BESS weepes, so is TREST (bound, tied), #5Fig. 5

RIII, CATE PAR(R), tressed Bess for the rape by Seymour, #6Fig. 6

RIII, rape, I Edward weepe, response, #7Fig. 7

RIII, Bess's response, %22and so do I (weepe), #8Fig. 8

RIII, Entire cluster, letter-strings of Array 42, RAPE, #9Fig. 9

RIII, ACT 2, BESS BED ROBE, rape, raw P'sFig. 10







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