Signature 17

2.3. 744 – 762 Macbeth, Facs., Porter Scene, 2.3., facs. scene, #1Fig. 1

Modern Font:

Macbeth, Porter Scene, 2.3., plntx modern font, #2Fig. 2:  

   Signature 17:  (1) “Who’s there?” (Opening lines of  Hamlet) = the Porter’s response to the first knock. “KNOCK” is used in the Porter’s initial dialogue 17 times.  (2) The “echo” of the number 3 (Vere’s “Echo” poems) is also reflected in the “Who’s there? question, as this interrogatory  is in the plaintext of the Porter’s speech 3 times.  The “echo” of  3 is also reflected in Oxford’s frequently used legal signature:  “E.C.O.” (Edwardus Comes Oxoniensis, or, “Edward our friend from Oxford”).  The ‘echo-of-three’ is a Signature 17 as “E.C.O.” is in fact Edward de Vere, the 17th. Earl of Oxford.  (3) the imperative, “Remember the Porter”, consists of 17 letters.     

   Note also that the gate the Porter is opening represents the gates of Hell, in particular the entrance to Circle 9, the frozen lake, at the center of which is Lucifer. 

   Line (counting as lines, the stage directions) in the facsimile of Folio 1, 1623 (above) reads:

Knock, knock.  Who’s there in th’other Devils Name?”

   The first “Devils” name (see line 6 above) is “Belzebub“.  ” . . . th’other Devils name is “Lucifer“.  Again, the Porter’s gate is the hell-gate of Lower Hell, specifically that of Circle 9.  

Macbeth, VERE, the pen, the Porter, #3Fig. 3 

Coincidence or deliberate design?


V. XXXI. MMXV       


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