SHAKESPEARE’S SONGS (Edward de Vere as COMPOSER and MUSICIAN): Elizabethan Songs and Madrigals: TWELFTH NIGHT (1623), plus “Bess and Ed”.

Madrigal sheet music, Facs.

Fig. 1A

If Musicke be the food of Love, play on!”

                                (Twelfth Night, 1.1.1, 1623)

Twelfth Night, Facs., Opening LinesFig. 1B

Twelfth Night, Opening Lines

Fig. 2

Song in Twelfth Night:

Twelfth Night, facs.

Fig. 3                

Arrayed, it looks like this:

Shx. Songs, Twelfth Night, My true grave is hyd here

 Fig. 4

Twelfe Night, VAERE, a mask



Bess and Ed at Oxford (as ‘Anonymous Anonimus‘ )

Animous, Helicon song, 1600, pltxt., #1Fig. 6

Lyrics (words) by BESS and Music (song) by Ed., sung by a “comely Sheepheard (Ed de Vere)” and his group of “sundrie other Sheepheards and Nimphs”.  

(In the Great Hall, Christ Church, Oxford University)

Anonimus, Helicon, 1600, %22Veare's song, her words.%22, #2Fig. 7

Anonimus, Helicon, 1600, %22BESS weed, words.%22, #3Fig. 8

Anonymous Vere, song by, England's Hellicon, 1600, %22sung by Ed VEARE, #4 OXFORD.%22Fig. 9

Anonymous, Helicon, 1600, Ed de Vere here.%22, #5Fig. 10      

IV. IV. MMXV         




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