HENRY VIII, the PLAY: Prologue, Epilogue, the CODE is HID Within

Henry 8, 1623, Prologue, I'M VAEREFig. 1 Henry 8, Epilogue, The CODE is HID withinFig. 2 Henry 8, TEST VERE, successorFig. 3 Henry 8, VERE, VERE HERE, HIDFig. 4 Henry 8, DAVE VAERE adviceFig. 5   Henry 8, VERE:EREVFig. 6 Henry 8, LORD VERE, DEVEER writtFig. 7 Henry 8, VAERE vertue Fig. 8      Henry 8, ERLE VERE PEN, my graveFig. 9       Henry 8, VERE, from a dying manFig. 10 Henry 8, VERE penFig. 11 Henry 8, VAERE sleepe with her Fig. 12          Confession?  Prince Tudor theory?  Henry 8, VAERE bornFig. 13          Henry 8, Mark VAERE PENFig. 14 Henry 8, VERE, Ed graveFig. 15       

IV. XXVII. MMXIV        


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