Shake-speares Sonnets (Quarto 1, 1609):  First Lines

1.    From fairest creatures we desire increase

2.    When fortie Winters shall beseige thy brow

3.    Looke in thy glasse and tell the face thou vewest

4.    Unthrifty lovlinesse why dost thou spend

5.    Those howers that with gentle worke did frame

6.    Then let not winters wragged hand deface

7.    Loe in the Orient when the gracious light

8.    Musick to heare, why hear’st thou musick sadly

9.    Is is for feare to wet a widdowes eye

10.  For shame deny that thou bear’st love to any

11.  As fast as thou shalt wane so fast thou grow’st

12.  When I doe count the clock that tels the time

13.  O that you were your selfe, but love you are

14.  Not from the stars do I my judgement plucke

15.  When I consider every thing that growes

16.  But wherefore do not you a mightier waie

17.  Who will beleeve my verse in time to come

18.  Shall I compare thee to a Summers day?

19.  Devouring time blunt thou the Lyons pawes

20.  A womans face with natures owne hand painted

21.  So is it not with me as with that Muse

22. My glasse shall not perswade me I am ould

23.  As an unperfect actor on the stage

24.  Mine eye hath play’d the painter and hath steeld

25.  Let those who are in favor with their stars

26.  Lord of my love, to whome in vassalage

27.  Weary with toyle, I hast me to my bed

28.  How can I then returne in happy plight

29.  When in disgrace with Fortune and mens eyes

30.  When to the Sessions of sweet silent thought

31.  Thy bosome is indeared with all hearts

32.  If thou survive my well contented daie

33.  Full many a glorious morning have I seene

34.  Why didst thou promise such a beautious day

35.  No more be greev’d at that which thou hast done

36.  Let me confesse that we two must be twaine

37.  As a decrepit father takes delight

38.  How can my Muse want subject to invent

39.  Oh how thy worth with manners may I singe

40.  Take all my loves, my love, yea take them all

41.  Those pretty wrongs that liberty commits

42.  That thou hast her it is not all my griefe

43.  When most I winke than doe mine eyes best see

44.  If the dull substance of my flesh were thought

45.  The other two, slight ayre, and purging fire

46.  Mine eye and heart are at a mortall warre

47.  Betwixt mine eye and heart a league is tooke

48.  How carefull was I when I tooke my way

49.  Against that  time (if ever that time come)

50.  How heavie doe I journey on the way

51.  Thus can my love excuse the slow offence

52.  So am I as the rich whose blessed key

53.  What is your substance, whereof are you made

54.  Oh how much more doth beautie beautious seeme

55.  Not marble, nor the guilded monument

56.  Sweet love renew thy force, be it not said

57.  Being your slave what should I doe but tend

58.  That God forbid, that made me first your slave

59.  If their bee nothing new, but what which is

60.  Like as the waves make towards the pibled shore

61.  Is it thy wil, thy Image should keepe open

62.  Sinne of selfe-love possesseth al mine eie

63.  Against my love shall be as I am now

64.  When I have seene by times fell hand defaced

65.  Since brasse, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundlesse sea

66.  Tyr’d with all these for restfull death I cry

67.  Ah wherefore with infection should he live

68.  Thus in his cheeke the map of daies out-worne

69.  Those parts of thee that the worlds eye doth view

70.  That thou are blam’d shall not be thy defect

71.  Noe Longer mourne for me when I am dead

72.  O least the world should taske you to recite

73.  That time of yeeare thou maist in me behold

74.  But be contented when that fell arest

75.  So are you to my thoughts as food to life

76.  Why is my verse so barren of new pride

77.  Thy glasse will shew thee how thy beauties were

78.  So oft have I invok’d thee for my Muse

79.  Whilst I alone did call upon thy ayde

80.  O how faint when I of you do write

81.  Or I shall live your Epitaph to make

82.  I Grant thou wert not married to my Muse

83.  I Never saw that you did painting need

84.  Who is it that sayes most, which can say more

85.  My toung-tide Muse in manners holds her still

86.  Was it the proud full saile of this great verse

87.  Farewell thou art too deare for my possessing

88.  When thou shalt be disposde to set me light

89.  Say that thou didst forsake mee for some falt

90.  Then hate me when thou wilt, for ever, now

91.  Some glory in their birth, some in their skill

92.  But doe thy worst to steale thy selfe away

93.  So shall I live, supposing thou art true

94.  They that have powre to hurt, and will doe none

95.  How sweet and lovely dost thou make the shame

96.  Some say thy fault is youth, some wantonesse

97.  How like a Winter hath my absence beene

98.  From you have I beene absent in the spring

99.  The forward violet thus did I chide

100.  Where art thou Muse that thou forgetst so long

101.  Oh truant Muse what shalbe thy amends

102.  My love is strengthned though more weake in seeming

103.  Alack what poverty my Muse brings forth

104.  To me faire friend you never can be old

105.  Let not my love be cal’d Idolarie

106.  When in the Chronicle of wasted time

107.  Not mine owne feares, nor the prophetick soule

108.  What’s in the braine that Inck may character

109.  O never say that I was false of heart

110.  Alas ’tis true, I have gone here and there

111.  O for my sake doe you wish fortune childe

112.  Your love and pittie doth th’impression fill

113.  Since I left you, mine eye is in my minde

114.  Or whether doth my minde being crown’d with you

115.  Those lines that I before have writ doe lie

116.  Let me not to the marriage of true mindes

117.  Accuse me thus, that I have scanted all

118.  Like as to make our appetites more keene

119.  What potions have I drunke of Syren teares

120.  That you were once unkind be-friends mee now

121.  Tis better to be vile then vile esteemed

122.  Thy guift, thy tales, are within my braine

123.  No! Time, thou shalt not bost that I doe change

124.  Yf my deare love were but the childe of state

125.  Wer’t ought to me I bore the canopy

126.  O thou my lovely Boy who in thy power

127.  In the ould age blacke was not counted faire

128.  How oft when thou my musike musike playst

129.  Th’expense of Spirit in a waste of shame

130.  My Mistres eyes are nothing like the Sunne,

131.  Thou art as tiranous, so as thou art

132.  Thine eies I love, and they as pittying me

133.  Beshrew that heart that makes my heart to groane

134.  So now I have confest that he is thine

135.  Who ever hath her wish, thou hast thy Will

136.  If thy soule check thee that I come so neere

137.  Thou blinde foole love,what doost thou to mine eyes

138.  When my love sweares that she is made of truth

139.  O call not me to justifie the wrong

140.  Be wise as thou art cruell, do not presse

141.  In faith I doe not love thee with mine eyes

142.  Love is my sinne, and they deare virtue hate

143.  Loe as a carefull huswife runnes to catch

144.  Two loves I have of comfort and dispaire

145.  Those lips that Loves owne hand did make

146.  Poore soule the center of my sinfull earth

147.  My love is a feaver longing still

148.  O me! what eyes hath love put in my head

149.  Canst thou O cruell, say I love thee not

150.  Oh from what powre hast thou this powrefull might

151.  Love is too young to know what conscience is

152.  In loving thee thou know’st I am forsworne

153.  Cupid laid by his brand and fell a sleepe

154.  The little Love-God lying once a sleepe


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