Richard III: 1594

Through the looking glasse

Frtps. 1594, Anonymous RIII, JPEG

Fig. 1:  No attribution given.  Considered anonymous

                                                                              Fig. 2

RIII Frtps. 1594, collaboration, E.C.O., Nash, JPEG

Perfect syntax:  “The conjunction and conjoyning of the two:  E.C.O. (Edwardus Comes Oxoniensis), Thomas Nash.” Thomas Nashe’s name is frequently spelled:  Thomas Nash, Gent.  The cluster strongly suggests a collaborative effort, consistent with speculations that much of Shakespeare’s cannon is a group effort; albeit, in my view, with Edward de Vere as the master poet in the supervisorial role.  Or, perhaps, Oxford’s first use of Nashe as a pen name; or both.             February 10, 2013



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