THE PLAY: “W.S.”, “Anonymous” or: “Lord Ed Vere, Earle Vere, Lord Vere?

Thomas Lord Cromwell, 2.3., Master Bagot = Iago., #1

[ Note:  two plays are referenced in Array 19:  Othello (Iago) and The Merchant of Venice (“merchant” horizontally crosses “Iago”).  ]

Fig. 1

Thomas Lord Cromwell, 3.3., Lord Ed Vere, #2Fig. 2

Thom Lord Cromwell, 5.4., Lo, Earle Vere, #3Fig. 3

Thomas Lord Cromwell, 5.5., Lord Vere hid,#4Fig. 4

   Many believe the initials “W.S.” stands for “William Shakespeare“.  Others believe the attribution should be recorded as “Anonymous“.  The question, then, is:  If Shakespeare wrote the play, why did he (as I have shown he has done hundreds of times in the canon) encode ciphertexts in so many plaintexts that give the name of Edward de Vere the credit?  Whoever “Anonymous” is, the question is the same?  Whether Oxford wrote the play, or wrote in collaboration–the letter-strings and clusters strongly insinuate his participation in much of the writing. 


V. XXIX. MMXV         


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