Acts, Chapter 17: Verse 17, VAERE, Henry, (Hamlet)

KJB, Acts Chapter 17, Verse 17, VAERE, poetFig. 1

Acts, 17,17, HENRY PENFig. 2

Acts, Chapter 17, Verse 17, Lord HENRYFig. 3

Acts, Chapter 17, Verse 17, HAMLET, noble, troubled, hidFig. 4

The letter-string is clearly visible.  No question as to whether or not it is–and is visibly present with 100% certainty.  Certain cluster attributes support what is known about the fictional character, Hamlet:  he was troubled, was a noble and had to conceal his true inner self from others.  These are also the hallmarks of the personal and private lives of Edward de Vere.

However, the letter-string and satellite cluster is at a skip of +/- 241.  This strikes me as coincidence.  At the same time, it is found in Acts Chapter 17:  Verse 17.  My surmise is that those who believe in the Bible code will find this understandable and possibly a predictable occurrence.  But at a skip of 241, it seems more likely to be the result of a group project (say, five people taking out the chapter and verse at a skip level of 50 of so until they arrive at 241, and the text can be more easily manipulated).  Perhaps the motivation was to encrypt de Vere as the author of Hamlet as well as the identified master poet of the Shakespeare canon as needed proof the latter is true, as they may be forced or asked sometime in their lifetime to do so if the timing, opportunity and context proved productive.  At this point, the ‘coincidence’ of the letter-string and cluster is (or can be considered as) ambiguous.  But intriguing.  




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