ACT 1: “Who’s the HEIR? Vere. The Ghost and Gertrude vs. John Veer and Elizabeth I

Hamlet (1623), 1.1. (entire), Who's the heir? VEREFig. 1

   Although from Act 3, Scene 1, these two arrays are appropriate to the opening lines:

Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 3.1., Ed de Veer, Lord Hamlet, #1Fig. 2

   Array 22 above said in another way:

Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 3.1., the play, all my Lord O., #2Fig. 3

Hamlet (Q2, 104), 3.1., DEVEERO raw Ps.Fig. 4

   Same plaintext line set as above:

Hamlet (Q2, 1604), 3.1., John's the showe, 3Fig. 5:  The revenge motif of the play is set in motion with the appearance of the Ghost, Hamlet’s father.  That is to say, by Edward de Vere’s father, JOHN Veer.  The ‘showe’ is really about Oxford’s suspicion his father was assassinated by Elizabeth’s agents, likely ordered by William Cecil on orders from Elizabeth I.  In a real sense, the play is “John’s showe.”




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