KING JOHN, 1591 (in FF 1623)

[Please read “Pen Names and Shaddowes” first.]

A Shaddowe of a Shaddowe

#1 King John, Chess players, JPEG

Fig 1

Facsimile, Saxo G. in K. John, JPEG

Fig. 2

Plaintext:  (King John):  ” Let them approach:  Our Abbies and our Priories shall pay This expeditious charge:  what men are you?”    

Saxo, G. and Rprs, both, JPEG

                                                                           Fig. 3   

   Although but 80 letters in the plaintext, there are two remarkable aspsects of this particular array.  First is the rare letter-string of “Saxo G.”, especially significant as “X” is an infrequently used letter in English; additionally there is only a single “X” as well as a single “G” in King John’s statement.  Secondly, there are exactly 17 words in the plaintext.  If I were to write that I thought the letter-string and the number-total of 17 words was a coincidence, my tongue would snap off its roller.

   Again, it boils down to one’s ‘degree of belief ‘.  Array 7 above can be taken as a single individual example of an encryption in the Shakespeare canon, as well as yet another example of such encoding, adding to the large number of occurrences, the content of which is specific to Edward de Vere, the Seventeenth Earl of Oxenford.     (January 25, 2013)  

K. John, HENRY, JPEG                                                                            Fig. 4 

   The surmised date of the writing of King John is 1591.  Henry Wriothesley, born in 1573, would have been about eighteen at this time.  Recall that Oxford helped his maternal uncle, Arthur Golding, translate the Metamorphoses from Latin to English when he was seventeen.  Is the encryption in Array 74 coincidence, or a veiled, shadowed announcement of Henry’s continuing contributions to the Shakespeare (Oxford) canon?


King John, 1623, VERE HYDFig. 5

King John, 1623, VERE HYD, 'tis his playeFig. 6

I. CHRIS. MMXIV  ( Christopher Michael Ferris, 19682005) 1. 23. 2014

King John, Bastard, E. VAERE, Dane PenFig. 7:        E. Vaere, Dane Pen.

King John, E. VERE, Ed verseFig. 8


I. XXX.MMXIV        


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