ACT 5: “Ed Vere (de Vere), “de Vere (Ed Vere) and one’s “degree of belief”.

Double Falshood, 5.1., Ed Vere tale, affectFig. 1

Double Falshood, 5.1Fig. 2

   The presence of two identical letter-strings in a single plaintext is unusual, especially when the letters spell either “de Vere” or “Ed Vere”. (not Bacon, Marlowe, Sackville, Dyer, Shakespeare, . . . ) At the same time, both plaintext arrays (28, 47) may simply be statistical outliers, representing coincidence. Again, in context of the authorship question, one’s interpretation depends upon one’s “degree of belief.”

 Coincidence or deliberate, intelligent design?

IV. XI. MMXV           


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