VERE (Vaere): the PORTER Scenes (Macbeth, Henry VIII)

Following the echoes (E.C.O.s):  

Macbeth, VERE, the pen, the Porter, JPEGFig. 1

   Recall the Porter Scene from Macbeth, in particular the last 17 letters of Act II, Scene iii, spoken by the Porter:

Henry 8:MacBeth, Porter-%22remember the Porter (17 letters) Fig. 2

   Keeping the Porter in mind, then, what may be coincidence, (but I argue  is rather another example of ‘echoing’, of ‘mirroring’ in Shakespeare’s (Vere’s) writing), using the number play of 17 (17th. Earl of Oxford) as a Greek Chorus, if you will, to remind you to pay attention to the character of the Porter (wherever it may occur) as an indication that Vere is the author, the writer of the words in the plaintext.

   In Henry VIII note this letter-string in Act V, Scene iii:

Henry 8, House of VERE is to come, Porter sceneFig. 3 

   The context of the plaintext (the entire play) can be interpreted as a focus on the birth and christening of Elizabeth I.  Implied is the relationship of the House of Vere, and of Edward de Vere as the 17th. Earl of Oxford, to Elizabeth Tudor.  We have, then,  a “signature” letter-string  of the writer of the plaintext in 17 letters, an echo of the last 17 letters of the Porter in Macbeth:  VERE House is to come.

   Additionally, the last 17 words of the Porter in Henry VIII, Act iii, with the removal of the contractions, and rendered in full word presentation is:

Henry 8, Act 2.4, Porter--17 wordsFig. 4

“You in the Chamlet, get up off [on?] the raile, I will pecke you over the pales else.”

[For more about The Porter’s Scene in Macbeth, click HERE.]

V. I. MMXIV      


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