THE SPANISH TRAGEDY (1582? – 1584?). Source: “AMLETH” (?). Authors: Thomas Kyd, Christopher Marlowe, Edward de Vere–all 3 as collaborators?

The Spanish Tragedy, 1.2., AMLETH, #1Fig. 1

The SpanishTragedy, Act 1, Prologue, Marlo rime, #2Fig. 2A

The Spanish Tragedy, Prologue, MARLORIME, #2BFig. 2B

The Spanish Tragedie, 3.7., Ed Vere, his tragedie, #3Fig. 3

The Spanish Tragedy, 2.1., Vere word:pen:writing, #4Fig. 4

The Spanish Tragedy, 3.7., I, E.O. Vere, hid, #5Fig. 5

The Spanish Tragedy, 3.14., Vere, friend, noble Lord, #6Fig. 6

The Spanish Tragedy, 4.3., Vere, his end(ing), #7Fig. 7


VI. XVI. MMXV       




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