BUSSY d’AMBOIS” (the play,1603 – 1604), by GEORGE CHAPMAN (c. 1559 – 1634): PROLOGUE: “I’m Ed Vere, I’m Ed Dyer, hid.”

Chapman, Bussy, Prologue plaintextFig. 1  (Begun, 11.2.13.  Entered, 5.9.15)

Chapman, Tragedie of Bussy d'Ambois, Prologue, E.VERE, HID #2Fig. 2

Chapman, Bussy, Prologue, VERE I'm HID #3
Fig. 3

Bussy d'Ambois, Prologue, Loe! Dyer hand, scribe name, #4
Fig 4

Bussy d'Ambois, Prologue, Ed Vere, Ed Dier, I'm hid, #5
Fig. 5

Support for Revenge, Bussy Prologue, DIER, pltxt, Array 109, #6Fig. 6




V. IX. MMXV               



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