A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Quarto 1, 1600), the play: “He that writ it: Vere, Veer, Veare”

England's Helicon, Green Bird, JPEGFig. 1:   Ferris © 2013           A Midsummer Night’s Dreame 

Act Two, Scene I, 388 – 401 Plaintext:

M.S.N. Dreame, pltxt, 2.1, JPEGFig. 2

Midsummer Night's Dreame (Q1, 1600), Vere, changeling son, JPEGFig. 3                (May 2, 2012)

Mid Dreame, Vere is oberon, JPEG   Fig. 4

Is Oxford speaking through Oberon, with the caveat:  ” . . . take heed . . . “ ?

A midsummer Night's Dream, Q1, VERE, VEER, VEAREFig. 5

Mid.Summer, Frtsp. 1600, JPEGFig. 6

   Is it possible the ‘changeling’ son is both Edward de Vere as well as (Queen Elizabeth’s and Edward’s love child) Henry Wriothesley, Third Earle of Southampton?

Midsummer, HENRI, JPEG, #1Fig. 7

   Can it also be possible Southampton either had a role in the writing, or is the play’s principle contributor:  the ‘shaddowe’ of a shadow?

Midsummer, HENRI, JPEG, #2Fig. 8
Midsummer, 5.1., Pyramus, Ed de VereFig. 9
Midsummer, Q1, 1600, 5.1, Vere, the Poet, penFig. 10


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