Robert Greene: To the Gentlemen Readers

Greene, Gent. Readers (1592, Perimedes), complete plaintextFig. 1    [ All “U”s intended as “V”s changed to “V”s; all “V”s intended as “U”s changed to “U”s, for all arrays below ]

Greene, To the Gentlemen Readers, Perimedes, 1588Fig. 2

Greene, Gent. Readers, E.VERE in old poesie still

Fig. 3

Greene, Gent. Readers, Perimedes, VAERE direct message to themFig. 4

Greene, Gent. Readers, Vere, Vere Ed hereFig. 5

Greene, Gent. Readers, VERE in prose HEREFig. 6

Greene, Gent. Readers, HAMLET RIMESFig. 7









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