The Birth of Merlin (1662): Vere – Nashe (Ben Johnson?)

The Birth of Merlin, Frntps., 1662, JPEGFig. 1

Thomas Nashe (1567 – 1601):  

Merlin, Frntsp., 1662, NASHE, JPEG

Fig. 2

Birth of Merlin, Frntsps., 1662, NASHE, JPEGFig. 3

Merlin, JPEG             Merlin reciting his poetry, as illustrated in Robert de Boron’s book  Merlin, 13th century. 

   As a matter of historical record (or should I say, strongly supported and accepted opinion), Oxford used the Nashe attribution as a surrogate signature (pen name) in many of his works:

1592:  one year before the first published work with the attribution:  William Shakespeare:

Nashe, Epistle Dedicatory, 1592, JPEG

Nashe, Epistle Ded., 1592, CODE, JPEG

Figures 4 and 5   (Epistle Dedicatory, 1592)

   For additional encryptions involving Vere as Nashe, see the FRONTISPIECE section:  Thomas Nashe, Strange Newes, 1592.

This appears to be an outlier, a coincidence (?), but it is interesting:

The Birth of Merlin, Frtps., 1662, Ben JohnsonFig. 6        (September 6, 2013)



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