Horestes (1567): Oxford, Revenge, and the Origins of Hamlet

Orestes, fragment of manuscript

Fig. 1:                      Fragment from Iphegeneia in Aulus  (Papyrus P. 510)  

Did Edward de Vere write parts or all of Horestes at or before the age of 17?:

Horestes, 1567, Frtps. VERE, JPEG, AnnoFig. 2:  FRONTISPIECE “A

Horestes, 1567 FRTPS., Vere, truth hid, JPEG, AnnoFig. 3

Horestes, FRTPS, 1567, VERE, JPEG, AnnoFig. 4

Frontispiece “B” (“New Interlude”:

Horestes, 1567, Frontispiece %22B%22, New, Anno DominiFig. 5

Horestes, 1567, Updated Font, Frontispiece, Anno Domini 1567Fig. 6:  Modern Font

Horestes, Ftps, Anno Domini, 1567Fig. 7

Horestes, Frpcs., I, Ed Vere, Anno Domini, 1567Fig. 8

From the Play itself:

Horestes, 1567, Earle Vere, JPEGFig. 9

Horestes, 1567, VERE, (Hamlet), JPEGFig. 10

                      Coincidence or Deliberate Design?







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