Robert Greene (Englands Helicon), Menaphon to Pesana: “deVereDyer”, “Ed de Vere, Dyer–conspire here.”

England's Helicon, Green Bird, JPEGFig 1     Ferris©2013

Englands Helicon, Robert Greene, pg. 40., Menaphon to PesanaFig. 2

Englands Helicon, Greene, Ed de Vere, Dyer, conspired here.  USEFig. 3

Raw Ps, Robert Greene, Englands Hellicon, Menaphon to Pesana, %22DEVEREDYER%22Fig. 4  

   Note that the second “E” in “Vere” is in Row 17. It also connects “de Vere” to “Dyer”. “E.(Ed) Dyer” further stands by itself as a valid letter-string. The “HE” below the “ER” in “Dyer” suggests the poem was a co-written effort between the two “Eds”, Edward Vere and Edward Dyer.)    See Shakespeare’s Sonnet 76 Array 14, “My name’s Ed de Vere”:  “(DY)ereVed)”.

IV. VII. MMXV           


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