DIGGES, Leonard: “This booke (First Folio, 1623) is VERE, Shakespeare’s ev’ry line.”

Digges, 1623 FF poem, plaintextFig. 1

Leonard Digges, 1623 FF poem, Shx's every line, #1Fig. 2

Digges, 1623 FF poem, Vere, our Shakespeare, #2Fig. 3

Leonard Digges, FF 1623 FF, view thee in Stratford, #3Fig. 4

Digges, 1623 poem, VEER, memory of Shx, #4Fig. 5

Digges, FF, 1623, VEER, each verse here, #5Fig. 6

Digges, 1623 poem, Th. NASHE, Vere:Veer verse, inke, #6Fig. 7   


IX. X. MMXIV       

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