1594: THE RAPE OF LUCRECE: The Argument (“Henrie, W.H., secret sonne of VERE)

Ded. to HENRY, Rape of Lucrece, 1594, useFig. 1

The Rape of Lucrece (1594), The Argument, Ed de Vere,#2Fig. 2

The Rape of Lucrece, The Argument, %22HENRIE, W.H., secret., #3Fig. 3

   The syntax of the letter-string-cluster is visually understandable at a glance. However, since The Argument to The Rape of Lucrece was published in 1594, one year after the first published appearance of William Shakespeare as a writer (in the dedication to “Henrie Wriothesley” at the beginning of the poem, Venus and Adonis), the spelling of Henry’s name as “Henrie”, combined with the “VERE” above Henrie’s name, supports Vere as being the author of both poems. Furthermore, the cluster above the “Henrie, W.H.” letter-string underscores what many believe: that Henry Wriothesley was the son of Edward de Vere and Elizabeth I. This is the “secret” both Henrie (Henry) and Edward Vere share in common. Both Henry and Vere used codes (equidistant letter seqences) to communicate private and intimate knowledge. Note that the “P” at the end of the right-to-left “Vere” spells “pere”, French for “father”. The cluster states that “Henrie’s” father is Vere; that he is his “sonne”. And, of course, that Vere is the “secret” father.  As will be shown later, the word “secret” in Array 29 of Stanza 13 in the body of the poem mirrors this “secret” (Vere’s and Henrie’s):  that they are biological father and son.  

Raw Probability of “HENRIE” occurring in the plaintext: One in 2, 318, 054 = One in about 2.3 million.

To continue with Stanza 5, click HERE.


XI. VI. MMXIV      


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