1603 (“Bad”), Quarto 1: “Vere may his Quietus make with a bare bodkin.”

Hamlet (Q1, bad), VERE is coVERED hereFig. 1

Hamlet, Q1, To Be . . . Vere:ereV, quietus makeFig. 2:      “WEED”  meaning “pen”, “writing instrument”.  

Hamlet, Quarto 1, 1603) Bad Quarto, VERE BEDDEFig. 3:      Old English bedd “bed, couch, resting place, garden plot,” from Proto-Germanic *badjam “sleeping place dug in the ground”.  “BEDDE” = Middle Dutch.  (Online  Etymology)

   The sense of “bedde” is metaphorical and refers to the “bedde” or resting place forever (“everlasting”) encrypted within the plaintext.  I.E., “VERE” is the author and subject matter of the “To be, or not to be” soliloquy.


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