Elizabeth I’s Funeral: Was Edward de Vere there? Was he the “clere” son of Elizabeth I? Should he have been “ordeind” the next King of England?

Elizabeth I's funeral cortege, 1603, British LibraryFig. 1       The Funeral Cortege of Elizabeth I, 1603

   Historical documents do not account for the presence of Edward de Vere, 17th Earle of Oxenforde at the funeral of Elizabeth I in 1603.  Furthermore, no documents in the form of testimonies or dedicatory poems are signed or attributed to Vere.  Considering his closeness to her at Court (which is well-documented), his absence in any preparations either in preparatory efforts, personal letters, his  name on any list, both immediately following her death, or thereafter, is stunning.

   Some say Shakespeare’s Sonnet 125 refers to Elizabeth’s Funeral cortege (1603), but interpretations are inconclusive, and are based on the first eight words of Sonnet 125:  “Wer’t ought to me I bore the canopy”, a reference to a covering (usually made of fabric), often supported by poles, and, in the case of Elizabeth, was suspended above her coffin and held by six knights (see Fig. 1 above).  The question from my point of view, is whether or not Sonnet 125 contains  equidistant letter-seqences (vertical letter-strings surrounded by a cluster of supporting language specific to what is being pointed to within the plaintext, as ciphertext) that sheds any light on whether or not Edward de Vere, arguably the premier Earl in England at the time, was a participant in Elizabeth’s funeral.  This question will be addressed below.

   But first we turn to Edward de Vere’s possible presence at Elizabeth’s funeral by looking at written material from a work of mourning literature by Henry Petowe entitled, Elizabetha Quasi Vivens:  Eliza’s Funeral (1603).

Elizabeth's Funeral, 1603, plaintextFig. 2

Elizabeth, Funeral of, Dedication, Ed VereFig. 3   (Partial)               “Ed Vere will grieve heereafter.”

And then the extraordinary claim Oxford is Elizabeth’s only “clere sun”:

Eliz. Quasi Vivens, Loe heere are all, plaintext #1Fig. 4 Elizabeth, Funeral, Loe, VERE, her son, #1aFig. 5a Elizabeth, Funeral, VAERE, HID ordained son, 1bFig. 5b Elizabeth, Funerall, BESS, Vaere, her one clear son, #1cFig. 5c Elizabeth, Funeral, VERE:VAERE, clear son, Array 17, #5dFig. 5d

Elizabeth, Funerall, VERE, her semblance, 1603Fig. 6

Elizabeth,Funeral, Dane HEIR may be crowned RexFig. 7



VI. IV. MMXIV      


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