VAERE Collection (51)

Amleth:Hamlet boat JPEG, #2, VAERE

Fig. 1

“ERL VAERE”:  3.8 billion to One,  “VAERE”:  1.27 million to One   

Hamlet, VAERE, thy voice, JPEG #1 copy 2Fig. 2

Hamlet, Erl Vaere, Vaere, Prs., JPEGFig. 3

E. Helicon, L. Scarse, EARL VERE, VAERE, a son, JPEGFig. 4        

Ovid, Golding, 1567, E. VAERE pen, JPEGFig. 5

Vere, Bdgfld., I, VAERE, O., JPEGFig. 6

Double Falshood, Prologue, VAERE, JPEGFig. 7         June 10, 2013

Double Falshoo, the Play, I.I., VAERE, Kit M., JPEG

Fig. 8

Edward III, Act I, ii, VAERE, hyd, JPEGFig. 9             (June 12, 2009)

Ed.III, Act Four, ii., VAERE, JPEGFig. 10     (June 23, 2012)    

As You Like It, I.i., VAERE, JPEGFig. 11       (June 26, 2013)  

As You Like It, VAERE, Erle, JPEGFig. 12

E. Helicon, VAERE, JPEGFig. 13    June  6, 2013

Marlowe, E. Helicon, VAERE, JPEG

Fig. 14      

Marlowe, E. Helicon, VAERE embellished, JPEGFig. 15 


Ignoto?, Ceres, E.VAERE, VERE, wed, HID son, JPEGFig. 16  

Ignoto?, Eng. H., HENRIE HID, JPEGFig. 17     

Ignoto?, Earl Vaere, Queene son, JPEGFig. 18

Ignoto?, Ceres, Earl W.H. hand, JPEGFig. 19

To his Love, VAERE, I, E.O., JPEGFig. 20

Ignoto, Philladaes Love-call, Eng. H.Fig. 21

Ignoto, Eng. H., ERLE VAEREFig. 22

Twelfth Night, Plaintext:

Twelfth Night, Facs., Opening LinesFig. 23

Array 23 of the above plaintext:

Twelfth Night, Opening Lines, VAEREFig. 24


Soliloquy:  “O what a Rogue and Pesant slave am I . . . ” : O What a Rogue and Pesant slave am IFig. 25 Troilus, Preface, VAERE, heere, #5Fig. 26

Note:  the “V ” in “VAERE” is in Row 17.  

Hakluyt, I, E.O. Vaere Fig. 27 Twelfe Night, VAERE, a maskFig. 28 Chapman, Revenge, VAERE coverFig. 29           (November 3, 2013) As You Like It, 1623, VAERE BORNEFig. 30   KJB, Acts Chapter 17, Verse 17, VAERE, poetFig. 31


First Folio, Pref. Matls., VAEREFig. 32 Polimanteia, Frtps., 1595, Read Our VAEREFig. 33   Greene, Gent. Readers, Perimedes, VAERE direct message to themFig. 34

( XII.I.MMXIII )    

Vere poetry, Framd in front, E. VAERE, LoeFig. 35         Vere poetry, If Care or Skill, VAEREV PENFig. 36    Vere poetry, The Tricklyng Teares, VAERE, here, Tower, test my caseFig. 37


Thomas Heywood, Edward the Fourth, Frtps., 1599, VAERE Oxen.Fig. 38       Angel Daye, English Secretorie, VAERE Fig. 39   King John, Bastard, E. VAERE, Dane PenFig. 40  (above listed, January 30, 2014)     Hekatompathia, E. VAERE, HYD deviseFig. 41


Twelfth Night, VAERE, E. O. spiritFig. 42    II. XII. MMXIV Hamlet (Q2, 1604), EARLE VAERE bare bodkinFig. 43


Henry 8, 1623, Prologue, I'M VAEREFig. 44  Henry 8, DAVE VAERE adviceFig. 45Henry 8, VAERE vertueFig. 46

Henry 8, VAERE sleepe with herFig. 47     Confession?  Prince Tudor theory?

Henry 8, VAERE bornFig. 48       

Henry 8, Mark VAERE PENFig. 49      

Henry 8, VAERE'S secret  (pathos), Act 3Fig. 50

Henry 8, VAERE, O. rest. BETH, E.R., Act 3Fig. 51   

V. XII. MMXIV     

Henry 8, Act 4, Edward VAERE confessFig. 52


Henry 8, 5.4, VAERE (H) ED:E.VEEREHFig. 53    


R3, VAERE, mother, her fruitFig. 54

R3, VAERE:EREEVE., HID speakFig. 55



VI. XX. MMXIV      





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