Cardinal Wolsey = William CECIL

Henry8, CECIL in plaintext, Array 13, facs.Fig. 1   (Facsimile source) Henry 8, CECIL, wolfFig. 2

   The letter-string is an infrequent occurrence, but is within a plaintext unit describing him attributionally as the equal of Cardinal Wolsey:  ” . . . Foxe, or Wolfe, or both (for he is equall rav’nous As he is suble, and as prone to mischiefe as able to perform’t) his minde, and place Infecting one another . . .   Cardinal Wolsey was to Henry VIII as William Cecil was to Elizabeth I.

Cecil Letter-strings:

Hamlet,  It is CECIL, JPEGFig. 3 Hekatompathia, CECIL, PRESSFig. 4 Winter's Tale, CECIL shall make false accusation, Array 40  (Done)Fig. 5 Winter's Tale, CECIL, PEN hand tyranny, Array 39  (Done)Fig. 6 Richard III, frts., 1612, CECIL HYD, LOEFig. 7




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